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 Newbie Guide

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PostSubject: Newbie Guide   Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:44 am

If your a new player the whole key to success is exploiting your 7 day protection.
With that in mind remember DONT GO ABOVE LVL 4 RECTORATE.
Doing so will instantly boot you from 7 day protection and make you wide open for attack.
Secondly do the tutorial (AND PAY ATTENTION!!!) I see tons of newbies asking simple questions that would have been answered by doing the tutorial.

The entire purpose of this mmo is what is called pvp (player vs player). The game is built around the idea of creating your own mini-empire and using it to force other players into submission. You do this with 2 primary aspects of the game. Building your population and drafting them into an army.

This is your most important part of your city. You gain resources and money by employing your population and taxing them. No population = No money and no resources. Your citizens also serve as your drafting pool for building your army.

Soldiers are not seperate from workers. Citizens serve in your army only when sent on missions or called to defend your city. This leaves them open to fill work jobs as well. This means training soldiers does not affect your employment figures.

You create population primarily by building cottages and upgrading them. You can also attract more population by adjusting tax rate or using temple services. You must be sure to crate jobs for your population to fill. Start with creating farming jobs until you create a surplus. (Never let farming production fall in the red). The amount of jobs you have in each type affects how much resources you have coming in. Iron costs the most of any resource so be sure to have at least twice as many extraction jobs as lumber or stone.

When first starting out the fastest way to get an army is to aquire captive packs. These are captured slaves that are instantly drafted into your army. Certain quest will award captive packs which you can open by clicking on your chest and selecting the pack. You should come with enough pack to start to build a starting army for raids.
There is a daily quest that will award a mini-pack for getting 5 grey aglets. You get these by attacking any lvl 1 wilderness areas around you (usually forests). You may not always get one but you will always get resources. Use packs and barracks training to build up a army with 300 has in each of the front 3 spaces and 100 archers in each of the back corners. This will give you a good enough start for attacking lvl 3 wilds which contain luxury items. Luxury items are particularly hard usually to acquire but neccessary for promotions and bartering missions.

When you have your first lvl 3 wild raiding army start using captive packs for another army and use your barracks to replenish the losses on your first army. Its a good idea to have at least 2 raiding armies for each city. This allows you to get aglets faster and acquire more resources to boost the stores in your city for improvements.

When you have your second raid army up and running try boosting your numbers to 1000 troops in each slot. This will allow you to attack lvl 4 and 5 wilds with ease. After that just try building the largest army you can until your 7 day protection is up.

Spies are a third vital aspect of your city. You want to have 1000 specs (scout troops in the stable) before your 7 days are up. Other players send out spy missions before attacking with their regular army. If you have any specs in your city they will fight them and you must have some survivors on your side to find out who scouted you. If not all your specs will be dead and no idea who is spying you.

All upgrading and tech is meant to increase your population and effectiveness of your army. So keep your troops up and upgrade as often as you can. Use quests to determine what to upgrade focusing on ones that award money or prestige.
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Newbie Guide
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